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Thank you for participating.
Below are the "Get Ready", "Get Set" and "Go" stages
for submitting your project.

Get Ready

by identifying the basics about your project:

  • First you need to find and identify the memorial and the project that you want to spruce up or restore.
  • Then you'll need to identify who owns or controls the memorial and get their permission to do the project.
  • Next you will want to read (and understand) the Competition Manual. Most of your question will be answered in the manual but if you still have some, you can send us questions via the Question Form and we will answer them.
  • Once you have defined the scope or scale of the project that you want to undertake, you'll want to get some idea of the project costs and how long it will take to do.

Get Set

by pulling the project information together.

  • Identify your team (organization), give your project a name and if you want, give yourselves a cool nickname!
  • Using the memorial's address, look it up on Google Maps, zoom down to it and save the URL. You'll need the URL for your submission.
  • Look in the Resources section of the site where you'll find a sample letter you can send to the Memorial owner or controlling organization to get permission. It makes sense that you can't just plan to go and change a local landmark without written permission, Right?
  • Take all the information you gathered and write it all up in a project plan. We have provided an outline for that in the Resources section of the site. You'll be submitting the plan as a .pdf document.
  • For Round#2 we are asking all parties to submit a descriptive 1-paragraph for the project, as well as a key image of the memorial or concept. These two items will be used in a variety of ways including presentation on the website and more.
  • And NOW for the fun and creative part!
    You need to tell the story about your project, your memorial, its place in your town's history, why this memorial restoration matters, why you have undertaken to restore it and all about your team.
    We will publish these "Creative Narratives" on the US World War One Centennial Commission's web site. Your story will become part of the official US national archive of the WWI Centennial. 
    What do we mean by a creative narrative? It's a fancy way of saying that you can tell your story any way you want... with words, pictures, video, sounds, images, drawings, scans - ANYTHING. Be creative; be resourceful; be awesome; be amazing and show the world your project. It is important to understand that these stories is a key element of what the selection committee juror will understand about your project. In Round#1 we had very strong projects that suffered from selection because the narrative was not easy to understand and appreciate.
  • We'll accept .pdf files, video files and audio files. We'll even let you upload 4 of them - like a .pdf AND a video file. If it's a video, don't make it longer than 3 minutes. In any case, don't make any bigger than 350Mb or it won't upload.


Go to the web link below and fill out the online form. You'll see places to put all the information you gathered and to upload all the items we outlined above. Again, if you have questions, submit them with the Question Form. Your questions and the answers will be published to all contestants.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is $50 processing fee for all projects that are submitted. If you submitted a grant application in Round #1 but were not awarded a grant, you project is automatically entered into Round #2 and a submission fee is not required.