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TRAINING FOR ARMAGEDDON - Niagara Camp in the Great War, 1914-1919

Merritt Training For Armageddon Book CoverAuthor Richard Merritt

Publisher Friesen Press, 2015

ISBN 1460261372, 9781460261378

Length 307 pages


In 1917 Niagara Camp became the unique training centre for 22,000 Polish Army volunteers, American and Canadian boys eager to fight for a distant land many had never set foot on. The horrific Spanish Flu Pandemic soon followed with dire consequences for the soldiers and their volunteer caregivers. Niagara was also a training camp for Canada's ill-fated and little-known Siberian Expedition. Remarkable sagas are recounted of some of the Camp's veterans.On the centennial of the Great War this in-depth recognition of the brave young volunteers during their preparation for war is long overdue


Urbanic Shoulder to Shoulder Book CoverSHOULDER TO SHOULDER: Polish Americans in Rochester, NY, 1890-2000
By Kathleen Urbanic
Illustrated by Frank Anders 

Shoulder to Shoulder presents the history of Polish immigrants and their descendants in Rochester, New York, beginning with the arrival of the first Polish settlers at the end of the 19th century and continuing through the year 2000. The result of extensive research carried out over a period of ten years, the book documents the development of Rochester’s Polish community in the context of events that have also shaped the larger history of American Polonia. The 300-page, hard cover volume contains more than 140 photographs, maps, and original sketches. A full chapter is devoted to Rochester Polonia’s service to the homeland during World War I.

First published in 1991 and re-issued in 2000, Shoulder to Shoulder has been distributed widely, reaching not only Rochesterians of Polish descent but also their relatives across North America and in Poland, students and scholars of ethnic studies, Polish American organizations, genealogical societies, archives, libraries, and historical associations. The book has been favorably received, including by the Polish American Journal whose reviewer described it as “a treasure . . . one of the best local histories I have seen, a book that deserves to sit on your shelf.”

Publication of the second edition was made possible with grants from the Polish Heritage Society of Rochester and the Louis Skalny Foundation, with additional support from the Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies at the University of Rochester.


Cost: $20, plus $3 shipping and handling

To order, email polishrochester@gmail.com.

Shoulder to Shoulder: Polish Americans in Rochester, NY, 1890-2000

Copyright 2000, Kathleen R. Urbanic
Library of Congress Control Number: 00-133718
ISBN 0-9628578-1-5


SONS OF ONE NATION - The War Effort of the Polish Emigration in America 1914-1920

Walter Sons of One Nation Book Cover

Jerzy Walter
An armed action of Polish emigration in America
Warsaw 2001.

Translated from an illustrative volume published in Poland, this is a commendable translation made available  for commemorating this Chapter in Our Great American Heritage !  A must have for your research of Polish American involvement in the events of WWI !

Book price - $ 25.00 (with shipping - $ 30.00). 

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Lachowicz Book

Teofil Lachowicz
Polish Veterans in America: from the Revolutionary War to 1939
Two Harbors Press, Minneapolis, MN, 2011

The Greatest History Resource for your understanding of the evolution of Polish America's patriots' and soldiers' contributions throughout U.S. history!    Highly Recommended!

Price - $ 20.00 (with shipping) - $ 25.00).
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Valasek Hallers Polish Army in France Book Cover

This book is a must for any investigator into the roots of your ancestor's involvement in America's Volunteers to the Polish Army in France in WWI !  Highly recommended to gain insight into this Great Chapter of Our American Heritage !

Acquire today and make your historic research library complete!  The book and US Media Mail shipping is a total of only $40.00.  International sales must be arranged ahead of time.

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Dr. Paul S. Valasek

2643 W. 51st Street

Chicago, IL 60632-1559

 Would like to hear from families who had a member in the army!



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